Scooty driving for dummies ;-)

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Have you always wanted to drive a scooter, but you don’t exactly know how to do it? In this article we’ll answer all your questions.

The Scooty app can be downloaded on your smartphone. As soon as the app has been installed, you will get access to the map where you can find the nearest Scooty in the city. As soon as you have booked your Scooty, you can start your ride.


Subsequently, the app will then ask you to report any damage to the scooter. If the Scooty has suffered any damage during the previous tip, please report this. If everything is alright, press the on/off button to start the scooter. The dashboard will then light up and the topcase will open.


The helmets (Small & Large) can be found in the topcase at the back of the Scooty. You can open it by pressing the red button at the back. In the top case you will find two helmets, hairnets, and the insurance papers. If you’re lucky, you might also find a nice snack or a surprise goodie in there! Click your helmet firmly before you start your ride, and double-check whether the top-case is properly closed.


To leave you have to push away the foot at the bottom of the Scooty. Note that the scooter already has to be placed between your legs before you do this. You should place one foot on the centre piece while the other foot on the floor holds back the Scooty. Check whether your mirrors are properly adjusted. All good? Then you’re ready to roll!

Turn the right handle (!) towards you. Place your other foot on the centre piece and you’re ready! The brake on your right is the front brake and the brake on the left is your rear brake.🚦

You can find the indicators on the left side of the steering wheel. Needless to say that you have to use it to turn it off or change it from a lane. You can also find the horn under the indicator, which you can only use in case of emergency. 🔊


You have arrived at your destination! Advantage of a scooter? You do not have to search for a parking spot for hours! However, you can not just park a scooter anywhere. If you’re not sure what is allowed and what not, then watch this video about where you can or can not park. Subsequently make sure that the helmets are stored back in the topcase before you close the reservation.


Do you still have questions after reading this article? Check out this video about how Scooty works.

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Scooty is bringing Electric Scooter Sharing in Free Float to the city of Brussels and Antwerp.
You can now trace, reserve and ride an electric scooter, keylessly. All you need is our application.