The App

Register in app

or online

In order to register you need:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license (a B car driver’s license is sufficient)
  • Have a credit card

Book an initiation

if you want to

When you register we assume you have enough experience to drive a scooter in live traffic. If this is not the case you will first have to follow a training course (no worries, it will be fun ;-)).

Click on the button below for more information.

Training course


a scooty

After logging in on the Scooty App, you can easily find a
Scooty nearby. You can select one on the map or find one
in the list by clicking the button in the right upper corner.

Make sure your GPS signal is turned on.



a scooty

Now that you have found a Scooty the next step is to reserve it by clicking on “Reserve”.

You have the possibility to choose a period of reservation of the Scooter which can range from 15 minutes to 24 hours maximum.

If you choose a period of more than 15 minutes, then the Scooter booking becomes paid. For each additional minute, we will apply the same rate as for a pause minute, which is 0.07 €/min.  The first 15 minutes will always be free. Additional reservation minutes will be charged until you actually start the Scooty.


Verify state /

report damage

Check whether the Scooty is clean and make sure you have a valid driver’s license with you.

Check if there are any visible damages (dents, broken lights,…) and report them to the Scooty team either via the phone icon at the top right of your screen or via the following email address: support@scootysharing.be




the scooty

Once you found the Scooty in the street you need to unlock it.

Slide the button “Confirm” on the app to open the Scooty.

By doing this you have finalized your reservation and you can start following the screens to start your ride.



your ride

You will get a short warning sign to make sure you drive
carefully (certainly when it is raining) and that the topcase has two helmets inside.

Open the topcase and take out the helmet of your size.

You are now ready to get on the scooty and get going.
You can drive anywhere you like throughout the Brussels
Capital Region or the City of Antwerp.

You can also take a short pause wherever you want. For that end, hit “P Mode”.



your ride

To end the ride, make sure you are back in one of our business areas. They are indicated in red on the app.
Store the helmets in the topcase and put the scooter on
the stand.

Hit “Close”.

Your creditcard will automatically be charged with the price for your ride.

Scooty is bringing Electric Scooter Sharing in Free Float to the city of Brussels and Antwerp.
You can now trace, reserve and ride an electric scooter, keylessly. All you need is our application.