A day with Pierre Berger

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This is Pierre. After 15 years in marketing, this man who has just passed his forties is a pioneering Scooty user in Brussels. He no longer counts his travels around the world. Despite having the opportunity to visit Cuba, London, Asia and Europe, Pierre remains a huge fan of Brussels and currently lives in Forest.

Back in the days, Pierre Berger used to use his car regularly to get to work but values of environmental responsibility have always been circulating in his family. With his partner Marie, he tries to teach them to their two children aged 9 and 11.

A day with Pierre

Today is almost a usual day. At 8:00 am, Pierre has an important meeting with the CFO of the company he works for. The outcome is crucial given that he organized this meeting in order to obtain permission to launch a project on which he has been working for months. Therefore he needs to be on time.

It is 7:25 am and Pierre has a look at the weather forecast on his smartphone. Mild weather is forecast. An ideal day to get to work on a scooter. On rainy days, Pierre prefers to use public transport to get around the city center. Today, he only needs to cross the street and ride the red scooter on the sidewalk in front of his house. The steps are simple: he opens his Scooty app, books the closest scooter, unlocks it and can start driving! During the first quarter the drive goes smoothly but very quickly, the traffic intensifies and Pierre ends up stuck in traffic jams. Nevertheless that’s not going to make him late for his appointment! Pierre shifts to the left and nimbly slalom between the immobilized cars. Gradually, traffic gets smoother but Pierre slows down once approaching the red light.  Despite the ambient noise around him, Pierre enjoys the silence of his electric scooter. The light turns green and it’s time to get back on track. It is 7:46 am and Pierre arrives close to the entrance of the company building. Two clicks are enough to complete the reservation and lock the scooter.

The bells of the Saint-Denis church start to ring in the city at 7:00 pm when Pierre walks through the automatic doors of the building. He is satisfied: his project has been approved with high enthusiasm by the CFO. Naturally, he heads towards the place where he parked his “Marsupilami” scooter a few hours earlier. Unfortunately, once he gets to the place where he left it, the scooter was missing. Another passer-by must have booked it a little earlier. Anyway, Pierre knows he’ll come across another one on the way. The people on the way have a smile on their faces and talk about their plans for the weekend. The car horns are honking. Lost in his thoughts, Pierre almost missed the red Scooty parked in a space assigned to two-wheeled vehicles. Hopefully, this one is yet not booked by anyone else. After a quick check on its app, Pierre gets the answer: the “Bastou” scooter is still available. In no time, the scooter is ready to be used. Pierre gets on it and starts it. Time for a very nice weekend!


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